12 August, 2012

Flutter Phobia now Private

I locked Flutter Phobia for those wishing to see it and can't access it.  With it being my audition script, I want to make sure it's not on the internet when I present it.  Those who have downloaded it, I ask that you don't post it anywhere.

Thank you.

30 July, 2012

Flutter Phobia Will be Taken Down

Just an FYI I will be taking Flutter Phobia down from here and everywhere else it's been posted.  I will make the Google Doc private and provide explanations everywhere.

The point of this is I'm adding Flutter Phobia to a professional writing portfolio.  Among many options of employment I'm pursuing, one is screenwriting for Hasbro in particular.  I'm hoping to put my portfolio in the hands of Meghan McCarthy, current head writer of Friendship is Magic herself, at Canterlot Gardens.  I'm also working on other examples of my work for this portfolio.

30 June, 2012

Episode 16 and Some Changes

After a lot of delays and distractions, Episode 16 is here.  Check it out here or in the episode list.

Also, I've reworked some of the episodes to come.

Until next time.  See you.

13 May, 2012

Episode List

After the break is a list of episodes for the first season of legends.  Along with the number and name, each episode has a brief summary like you get from the TV guide.  The episodes I've written will have links to their google docs next to their name.

Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to the blog for My Little Pony Legends, my retelling of My Little Pony's romp through media in the 80's.  Taking inspiration from the television series, British comic, books, backcard stories, other media, and a lot of my own ideas, I've at least attempted to create a new world for the classic ponies, their allies, and their adversaries.

This blog is for news updates, ideas, asking for advice, and other things related to Legends.  Feedback and discussion are encouraged.