13 May, 2012

Episode List

After the break is a list of episodes for the first season of legends.  Along with the number and name, each episode has a brief summary like you get from the TV guide.  The episodes I've written will have links to their google docs next to their name.

1x01: Cold War Part 1.  Part 1 of 5.  In the first episode of the five part pilot, the ponies of Dream Valley are preparing for the centennial of their kingdom's founding, but Wind Whistler, Fizzy, and Gusty are sidetracked when they must stop some local witches from attacking a unwary band traveling through the surrounding Land of Nightmares.

1x02: Cold War Part 2. Part 2 of 5.  After a lightning storm, the ponies discover a solid rainbow and a hidden chamber containing a mysterious machine.  They learn both connect their valley to another world.

1x03: Cold War Part 3. Part 3 of 5.  When harpies fly across the rainbow, Megan comes to Dream Valley to learn more about her new, four-hoofed neighbors.

1x04: Cold War Part 4.  Part 4 of 5.  Megan joins the ponies in a mission to the North Pole to stop the Penguin King's plans to freeze their world and possibly Megan's.

1x05: Cold War Part 5.  Conclusion.  Megan and the ponies befriend Edgar, the prince of the penguins and try to convince his father to stop his plans to freeze the world.

1x06: Flutter Phobia.  The ponies try to help Flutterbye get over her arachnophobia.

1x07: Floats and Whistles.  The scouts unwittingly bring a frazzit trap into Dream Valley.  When the colorful pests escape, they cross ponies' personalities including Fizzy and Wind Whistler's.

1x08: Helping Hooves.  The ponies secretly help Megan's family get their horse ranch up and running.

1x09: The Moochick.  An old mushroom gnome comes to Dream Valley looking for a place to settle down.

1x10: A Tubular Experience.  Megan brings some inner tubes to Dream Valley for the sea pony fillies and colts, but problems arise where there are not enough to go around.

1x11: Junior League.  Little Gusty, Little Sundance, and Little Heartthrob join forces to figure out what is troubling Gusty so much.

1x12: Bushwoolies.  Colorful, furry creatures take refuge in Dream Valley after raising the ire of some of the locals.

1x13: Megan the Weather Witch Part 1.  Part 1 of 2.  A weather witch give Megan her power, but Megan doesn't know how to use it and the ponies suspect something is amiss.

1x14: Megan the Weather Witch Part 2.  Conclusion.  The ponies launch a rescue mission to save Megan from the Witches of the Volcano of Gloom and learn the former weather witch had an ulterior motive for giving Megan her power.

1x15: Willow Run.  The ponies help Gusty track down a pussy willow to replace her boss' after a storm destroys it.

1x16: Victory is Sweet.  Tootsie enters into a rivalry with Lickety-Split for who has the best sweets shop in Dream Valley.

1x17:Battle of the Blowhards.  Gusty gets ready to celebrate her favorite season of autumn, but a wind wizard comes and challenges her to a duel with her wind magic.

1x18: A Trip of the Field Variety. Sundance and Storm Rider lead their classes on a field trip to the bushwoolies' tunnels to learn more about them.

1x19: Glory's School for Refined Fillies.  Glory starts a finishing class for the unicorn fillies after she sees Little Gusty's ununicorn like behavior.

1x20: With Friends Like These.  Some of Flutterbye's trendier friends take issue with her spending more time with the others.

1x21: My Fair Pony.  Heckled by her friends, Flutterbye tries to teach the others to be more refined in time for the Winter Solstice Ball.

1x22: Stars and a Weather Vane Part 1.  Fizzy takes on a dangerous challenge when goaded into it by her fellow maids for always following Wind Whistler.  Wind Whistler tells the others of how she and Fizzy first met.

1x23:  Stars and a Weather Vane Part 2:  Fizzy begins her self-imposed challenge.  The others go after her while Wind Whistler continues her story of how she and Fizzy became such close friends.

1x24: Fire and Ice Part 1.  Part 1 of 3.  In the first episode of the three part season finale, the longtime hatred between the lava demons and ice orcs erupts into open conflict causing disasters across the planet.

1x25: Fire and Ice Part 2.  Part 2 of 3.  The ponies find themselves in the middle of the escalating conflict between the lava demons and ice orcs and might have to choose a side.

1x26: Fire and Ice Part3.  Conclusion.  The ponies try to find a peaceful solution to the conflict between the lava demons and ice orcs before their battling destroys life on the planet.

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