07 February, 2013

This is a Whole New Project

My Little Pony Legends started out as an experiment.  I want to know just how long an half hour episode was on paper.  I also wanted to try my hand at screenwriting.  I read up on the subject, got a scriptwriting program and started writing my idea for rebooting the G1 My Little Pony Universe.

At first, this was only going to be a spec script series.  However, that's all change.  Now, this spec script series is a fan-made animation project.  I and a few others are working on the beginning concepts for a full animated production of Cold War.

Right now we're making the concept vectors of the main characters.  We hope to have some background art and minor characters done soon.  We also hope to obtain permission from Hasbro to use their My Little Pony brand.

We also need you.  We need people as we get things off the ground.  Animators and voice talent are at the top of our needs.  If you animate in flash or voice act, or if you know someone who does, please let us know.  You can reach me at dalex11235@sbcglobal.net.  We ask that you have a Skype and Dropbox account.

Thank you for any help you can give us.  Even if it's just moral support.   We're excited with this chance to breathe new life in classic My Little Pony.

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