17 March, 2013

Massive Changes

New title, new description.  This is a completely new blog for a completely new project.  It's just the material that is more or less the same.

Yes, I'm now part of an animation project to bring my spec scripts to life.  I'm really excited about this and hope everyone seeing this will be too.

We've changed the title of this series to Legends of Dream Valley.  It is our hope to get permission from Hasbro to use their My Little Pony trademarks and copyrights to make sure this is all on the up and up.  We believe not using My Little Pony in our title will increase our chances of getting their approval.

The purpose of this blog will also be changing.  It will actually have a purpose.

Every Sunday evening, I will be posting updates on the project here.  What the project is working on, announcements, and material ready for public release.

Check out what's going on after the break.  These update posts might contain spoilers, so tread lightly.

-Our animation project has decided to make Flutter Phobia first.  Although not the first story chronologically, we believe making a standalone episode is more feasible at this time.  We are current on the concept art stage as we make vectors of spiders and important ponies in the episode.

-We are currently looking for storyboard artists, animators with experience in Flash, and female voice talent.  If you're interested, please send your skype name to dalex11235@sbcglobal.net.

-Since Flutter Phobia is our first episode, we have been concentrating on making spiders.  We have some vectors we are working on.  Much of the week's work was on these spiders.

-That sums up our work this week.  I should send our letters asking permission from Hasbro this week.  Wish us luck.

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